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Premium Lingerie Specially Created
for the Body Shapes of Asian Women

The tailoring of ultra-soft fibers creates a second skin that closely fits feminine curves.
Research, development, and design of each lingerie pattern last for over half a year - 5000 stitches, 20 hours, 30 production processes.
Perfect proportion is created by combining the finest Western fabrics with exquisite craftsmanship.
Every piece of lingerie is classic, intimate apparel essential for your wardrobe.

How to Find the Ideal Pairing?

We hope our lingerie could go with every item in your wardrobe.
It is our pleasure to work with you and help find the ideal piece and the perfect fit.



The founder was influenced by Western styles while studying in New York, and she then infused her experience, creativity, and aesthetics into her own brand, NUDE. We believe that lingerie should not be limited by one’s inherent body and breast shapes but, combined with fashion, enable one to express their unique charm. Every piece of NUDE lingerie resembles architecture, requiring precise calculations to create the best effects on the human body. We hope that every woman who wears NUDE will understand herself better and follow her craving for a beautiful shape and a sophisticated lifestyle.

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